Social Media and wedding hashtags are the biggest new trend for couples about to tie the knot.

Socially Ever After is a team of social media and wedding experts that basically become your PR team for your event.  Here’s some more information about our services.

Q: Why do brides and grooms use social media to share their wedding day?

A: Social media has changed the way we interact with the world. It connects us with more people than ever, and brides and grooms know that social media adds a unique, special way to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Brides and grooms as early as the beginning of their engagement start using special hashtags to post content to their network, and on the big day encourage guests to do the same, showcasing the event as it happens, and then leaving them with instant memories the very next day, way before professional photos are sent back from the photographer.  In fact, the intimate nature of photos taken from this viewpoint adds a special perspective that was once only able to be captured with the use of disposable cameras given to every table at your wedding.

Q: Why would I hire Socially Ever After when I can have my bridal party and guests post during the event?

A: For anyone that’s planned a wedding before, you know how much effort goes into the planning process, and yet how quickly the day passes once it comes.  Despite the best intentions of brides, grooms, the bridal party, and parents, it’s incredibly difficult to stay focused on any additional tasks during the event, especially as the day progresses and the champagne starts flowing!  Many couples are now using hashtag campaigns for their big day, but they run into the problem of execution on the day of.  Some complain that explaining the instructions to less-than-tech savvy guests has proven challenging.  Others find that they end up with only a few photos from the beginning of the event, which are  often just selfies of guests, or even inappropriate content, when the goal is to capture the full experience of the wedding.  Let’s face it; you and your guests should be free to enjoy yourselves.  We take the responsibility out of your hands.  Socially Ever After is your official social media coordinator on-site for the event, and it is our job to make sure to capture a wide variety of moments and post photos and videos live as they happen, as well as encourage and help other guests to contribute their own content.  Imagine being able to live broadcast your ceremony on Periscope for long-distance relatives that couldn’t make it.  Or being able to look over lots of photos and videos with your new spouse the very next morning without having to wait the average 6 months for professional photographs?  How special would that be?

Q: Does this mean I don’t need a photographer?

A: No, we absolutely encourage you to have a professional photographer.  Our service is not meant to replace the expertise of photographers or videographers.  In fact, we will work with your other vendors to coordinate the sharing of content on the social media platforms of your choice, and of course they will always be credited for any content that belongs to them.

Q: What platforms do you post to?

A: Our favorites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope, but we can post to any other’s that you choose.  All of our packages are customizable.

Q: Will you be posting through my social media accounts?

A: That is up to you!  If you prefer, you can give us temporary access to your accounts, and that is what we will post content to the entire event. Or – if you prefer – we can post to our own accounts and simply link you using tags and hashtags. It is totally up to you!

Q: How do you get my guests engaged?

A: That’s a great question because we are all about engagement!  We roll our sleeves up and get your guests engaged as early as you hire us, emailing them with an explanation of your wedding hashtag campaign and informing them of your wedding website.  At your wedding, we will provide signage and instructions for guests to post to social media, we will assist people as needed, and we also provide our super popular Selfie Booth to encourage guests to take more photos, and also take home a printed copy as a special wedding favor.

Q: Is it expensive?

A: No! We work with any bride’s budget, from something simple and economical to a more all-inclusive “wedding bells and whistles” package that can include a multitude of social media platforms and even participation in other wedding-related events, such as the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, the bride and groom getting ready the day of, and more.

Q: Do you only do weddings?

A: No! We can also provide similar services for any event, and we can also work with businesses and corporate clients.

Q: How do we get started?

A: The first thing to do is set up a free consultation with us.  We will talk about your needs and design the perfect plan for you that complements your wedding vision.  Just like you would meet in advance with a DJ to discuss the types of music you want or don’t want, we can discuss what kind of content you absolutely want, what might be off limits, and any other details that are important to you.