Are you thinking of using social media to showcase your event? You’ve come to the right girls.

Social media marketing, event marketingJulia & Alyssa are co-owners of Socially Ever After.  Together, they bring to the table social media marketing, public relations, and event promotion experience.  They lead the awesome PR team that will run an unforgettable social media campaign for your private or corporate event.


Julia Moroney

One thing that my years as a marketing professional has demonstrated is the reach and power of social media.  I’ve used social media to grow companies in various industries, as well as build my own business.  However one undeniable way social media has impacted my life outside of business is the way it connects me to people like nothing else before.  This is at the heart of why brides and grooms choose social media to share their special day, whether it’s a wedding or even a business wedding photo 3networking event.  I have attended various weddings in the past couple of years where I witnessed efforts of the couple to harness the power of social media to share their big day to the rest of the world, and to provide a window for those who could not be in attendance of their wedding.  As a newlywed myself, I know all too well how fast the day flies by, and as a busy bride, I only wish I had access to a professional team like Socially Ever After to provide a special way to capture the moments as they were happening.  This company was born because we know important the memories are, we know the impact that social media has on all of our lives, and we know that every bride and her bridal party deserve to enjoy every moment of their wedding day without one extra job to do.

wedding photo 2Alyssa Saenz

Saenz…it’s pronounced “Signs”, or as my new hubby would say “it’s like ‘stop signs’ with a ‘Z’ at the end.” As you can probably tell, I’m recently married. I have had to tell only five thousand people how to pronounce my new last name, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’m loving this whole “being married” thing, but if I can be honest with you, the wedding planning process was rough. Not that I didn’t enjoy ironing out all the details – believe me, I did – but I just couldn’t wait for the big day and for all the stress to be relieved. I spent HOURS creating little projects for the wedding, including signs for each table that displayed our wedding hashtag (#saenzenfelter). And explaining what a hashtag is to your parents and grandparents is very interesting. I went with “it’s kind of like how people used to use disposable cameras so you can get pictures from different perspectives.” Cue the eye roll. They didn’t understand but I was so excited that next morning to see all of those pictures. I LOVED the photographers that shot our wedding, but there was something so sweet and organic about a non professional picture from a guest…or so I thought. Open bar does not equal beautiful photos that’s for sure. After weeding through all the blurry, sometimes inappropriate, photos, I wished there was a more tasteful showing of our wedding that we just spent months planning. That’s where Socially Ever After was born: a service that could completely take over all of your social media for the day, and in this digital world, allow family and friends from afar to share the experience. With my experience of working creatively with many brides throughout the years, I know I would make a great addition to the biggest day of your life. Let Socially Ever After become your personal PR team and allow you to be present and enjoy the moment!