Simple Drink Recipe For Overall Health


As your wedding approaches, you are going to start to really take care of yourself. Whether it’s regularly getting your nails done, roots touched up every 4-6 weeks or trips to the tanning salon, you will begin to pay attention to all the beauty details that are going to prepare you for your big day. This kind of stuff takes time; it’s not an overnight project. (Brides – take this time to really honor yourself and spend the couple extra bucks to get yourself feeling and looking great!) Along with the cosmetic details, you should be concerned with your nutrition and what you are putting in your body. We all know how hard it is to cut out the junk food, especially when you are overwhelmed and stressed with planning your wedding. The junk you eat, along with the stress you feel, will lead to bloating, breakouts and irritability. It’s unfair! BUT there’s a little recipe that I personally use every night before I go to sleep that makes me wake up feeling light, airy and positive. My skin has shown significant improvement, so much so that I actually changed my makeup routine to some tinted BB cream and an extremely light foundation– something I never thought I would do. I worked my butt off to be in the best shape possible for my wedding, and though I felt the best I’ve ever felt, I really wish I knew this recipe before my wedding! Okay, enough talking, here are the goods.

So for this recipe, you will need a blender. I’m not a blender snob (sorry to the Vitamix cult) any old blender will do just fine – as long as it actually blends your ingredients. Personally, I use the NutriBullet. $99 and it emulsifies all ingredients and you can drink right from the blending cup. It comes with a couple lids for either storing or drinking – and the clean up? One minute max! This isn’t meant to be an infomercial for the NutriBullet so really, anything you have will be fine.

This recipe has FOUR ingredients. And I promise you probably already have most in your fridge. Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger and Water (optional: coconut water). That’s it. What you’re going to want to do is cut up half of the cucumber (skin on) and store the rest for your next drink. Peel skin and cut a nice chunk of ginger (about ½ inch). Throw these ingredients in your blender (woah, don’t turn it on just yet). Next, juice one whole lemon right into the blender. Then, add your water/coconut water until your ingredients are submerged. Lastly, turn your blender on and watch the pretty green potion of health come to life! And that’s it – you now have a drink FULL of vitamins, nutrients and minerals to get you looking and feeling your best. This drink works best when consumed at night before bed – just trust me. I guarantee you will wake up feeling incredible.

Now, why do these ingredients have an impact on our overall well-being? It’s simple: they all posses components that are beneficial to our health.


Cucumber. They are made up of a whopping 96 % water so they are sure to keep you hydrated. They are known for flushing out toxins in your body and they aid in weight loss! Cucumbers also supply your skin with minerals such as magnesium, potassium and silicon. And that indigestion you feel? Say bye-bye because cucumbers come to the rescue.
Lemon. Known to boost your immune system, lemons are one of nature’s gifts to the world. They can be used for many things, such as natural cleaning agents and beauty practices, but the consumption is the most advantageous way to reap the benefits of this fruit.  Lemons balance your PH, improve circulation, aid in indigestion and detoxify your body. (Tip: every morning I enjoy a hot cup of lemon water. I encourage you to research the benefits in that alone).
Ginger. Ginger is insane in the membrane. No seriously… It reduces inflammation of the mucus membrane which eases the soreness in your throat from coughing. A natural pain reliever, ginger helps with menstrual cramps and muscle aches. It assists with indigestion (are we noticing a pattern yet?) and inflammation. Ginger eases stomach discomfort, nausea, headaches, toothaches and stuffy nose. It also has been known as the “cancer fighter”! Is there anything that this root cannot do? This is absolutely a staple to have in your diet.

Coconut Water. If you decide to use coconut water, please make sure you are purchasing one with no flavor or added sugar. (I like the Trader Joes brand made with Aloe). Coconut water has many health benefits as well! It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, boost energy and aid in weight loss.  It is known to keep your extremely hydrated, though there is much back-and-forth with the question of it being more hydrating than regular water. My thoughts on this: choose whichever you’d like! They are both great options.


There you have it, a quick, simple recipe that will allow you to feel and look great! Remember, what we put into our body is certainly a reflection of what we see on the outside. Take care of yourself! You will thank me later. Cheers!

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