5 Thank You Card Tips Every Bride Should Know

thankyouThank You cards: The most dreaded wedding task. It means the celebration is over, similar to taking down Christmas decorations (or in my case, Halloween decorations). Although it is not as fun as say, cake tasting, you can still have a good time doing it! Here are some tips you will be sure to use when it comes time to check “Thank You cards” off of your list.

Thank You for EVERYTHING

Yes, you need to send a Thank You card after most wedding related events: Engagement party, Bridal Shower and Wedding. You even need to send a Thank You to your Aunt Edna for sending a $10 check and a butterscotch candy. If anyone sends a gift, puts time into helping you out, or simply attends your event – thank them! You will notice that the people around you are very generous as you are going through the engagement/wedding process. Always show your appreciation towards their thoughtfulness. 


While you need to send out roughly a billion Thank You’s, remember to keep it simple. Yes, your friend wants to be appreciated for what they have done, but they also don’t want to read a novel. Try to remain simple yet personable. Be specific in what you are thanking them for and make sure you are thanking them for not only the gift, but for their attendance on your special day. You can’t go wrong with slipping in a little “It was fun dancing with you at our wedding!” It reminds your reader of what a great day it was.

Thank you for YOUR HELP

Don’t be afraid to ask your new spouse for help when it comes time to write the Thank You cards for your wedding. Have him do his side of the family! I mean, you planned the whole thing and wrote all the other cards, right? Last time I checked, his hand isn’t broken (if it is, just ignore this). You both are a team now. We know there’s no “I” in “Team”, but there is an “I” in “Writer’s Cramp” so seriously… delegate! And don’t forget to say thanks!

Thank you for NOTHING

Please, under any circumstances, do not send out a picture of you and your new spouse with the words “Thank You” radiating across, without any personal note. This type of generic card comes off as cold and unappreciative. I know you just used up most, if not all, of your creative energy in planning the wedding, but you have to harvest some of it for your Thank You cards. Don’t get me wrong, the pictures are adorable, but add a little note on the back to show your sincere appreciation.

Thank you for BEING ON TIME

The rule is your cards should be sent out no later than three months after you say “I Do.” Don’t rush. Enjoy time with your new spouse as you slowly come off the wedding day high. You will know when it’s time to start writing them because it will be that weight sitting on your shoulders. Reflect on this crazy journey you have just completed and all you have to be thankful for. Pour a glass of wine, cuddle up with your husband and finish your very last wedding task.




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