7 Reasons Why You Should Say “I Do” to Social Media on Your Wedding Day

social media wedding servicesLots of couples are using hashtags and social media posts to broadcast their wedding day.  Not only is it a simple and brilliant way to get a personal and unique perspective of your big event, but there are a number of other reasons why brides and grooms should say “I do” to social media.  Here are seven:

  1. The photos and videos are through your guests’ eyes and in the moment. Unlike professional wedding photos, photos captured on a smart phone give a unique and candid perspective that makes a wonderful supplement to your wedding memories. Think about your favorite TV show, and how exciting it is to see the actors and actresses posting behind the scenes shots on Instagram. It adds a whole new dimension to your experience.
  1. You’ll get to relive moments you were too busy to see. With all the duties bestowed upon the bride and groom on the day of the event – like making sure to greet and thank each and every guest at the reception – it is incredibly easy to miss some of the fun moments. With social media, a bride and groom can catch up on whatever they may have missed after their wedding!
  1. It connects everyone. Having a hashtag and social media campaign for your wedding day brings your various guests together, helping them connect easily on Facebook or other platforms. It also connects you with friends and family that weren’t able to attend your event, allowing them the special experience of watching your event unfold from wherever they are.
  1. It gives you photo and video content you can see right away. The average wedding photographer takes months (that’s right, plural!) to give a couple their official wedding photos. Live posting to social media gives a couple instant wedding content to see and enjoy.
  1. Hashtags are awesome. Let’s face it, hashtags are cool. In fact, Millennials have fully embraced the use of hashtags to engage across various social media platforms. Having a custom hashtag to commemorate your wedding is not only a special personal touch, but it creates a level of engagement to a network beyond that of your wedding guests.
  1. You’ll be famous for the day. People love weddings. And by posting content on your special day, there’s no doubt your social network will be watching along from when you exchange vows to when you cut the cake.  By posting live throughout the event, you’ll get a taste of some celebrity and get then get to enjoy all the comments and likes after the event!
  1. You’ll have photos to start decorating your nest with! While you’re waiting for your professional photos, you’ll have some beautifully chic Instagram photos you can start to print and decorate your home with.



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